Ski slopes

Where is it located?

The course is located at 30 km (18.64 miles) from Gyergyószentmiklós. If you’re going 1.5 km (0.93 miles) from the top of the Bucsin to Szováta, it will be located on the left. If you are approaching Gyergyószentmiklós from the direction of Szováta, the course is lying at 500 m (1640.4 feet) from the 19th km. The distance between the ski elevator and the main road is just 150 m (492 feet). 

Whom do we recommend?

We welcome everyone who’s just a hobby skier, groups and families, even if they hadn’t won any Olympics game. We offer teaching and equipment for rent to beginners and the advanced skiers can develop their skills on our 1200 m and 400 m long course

What do we offer to you?

 First of all a beautiful landscape and relaxation!The ski elevator is a modern one; we offer you teaching and equipment renting, hot drinks and specialties. 

The main characteristics of the slope

  • The length of the course is 1149 m (3769 feet), lain to the west and the drop of the course is 14˚.
  • The bottom of the course is at 1200 m (3937 feet) above the sea.
  • The top of the course is at 1360 m (4462 feet).
  • The name of the elevator is Teleschi Nascivera CK80, its speed is 2.5 m/s and its capacity is 720 persons/hour.
  • We have our own generator and tread machine that offers a comfortable and smooth course.
  • The construction of the course begun in August of 2006 and it finished in January of 2007. It is of middle difficulty, so we recommend it for beginners and advanced skiers as well.
  • There is a hospice and a fast food place too on the course.

10 basic rules of skiing, Rules to avoid accidents and injuries

1. Respect for other skiers
You are responsible for your own safety and that of other skiers and snow boarders. Be aware of people around you and take necessary action to avoid skiing dangerously or causing a hazard to yourself or others. 

2. Control of speed and manner of skiing
Control your direction and speed of travel, taking account of the terrain, snow, weather and traffic conditions. 

3. Choice of path Select an appropriate path.
If you are skiing behind someone it’s your responsibility to ski around them without causing any danger to them. 

4. Overtaking
You can over-take from either left or right but you must leave enough distance between yourself and other skiers to allow them to manoeuvre properly.

 5. Joining and starting

Before starting off or pulling out you must look up and down the slope and choose an appropriate moment to execute your manoeuvre, so as not to endanger yourself or other skiers. 

6. Stopping

Avoid stopping at blind corners or narrow or enclosed places unless you have to i.e. you’re injured. In the case of an injury you must vacate the spot as soon as practicable, to avoid further danger (to yourself or others). You should always stop at the side of the slope. 

7. Ascending and descending

You must always use the side of the slope to walk up or down, whether wearing skis or not. 

8. Observing the signs

Pay attention to and follow the signs, markings and notices on the slope.

 9. Offering assistance

You are obliged by law to offer help and assistance in the event of any accident. 

10. Duty to identify yourself

You are also obliged by law to give your personal details in the event of an accident, whether you caused it, witnessed it or assisted at it. 

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